Polyritmo-Grooves & Afrobeat
Martin High De Prime (D) – piano
Reiner Hess – sax
Enrico Perez (Cuba) – perc., timbale
Baron Arnold (USA) – trombone
Arsen Simbar (Guadalupe) – drums
Aziz Sinka (Burkina Faso) – perc

The explosive group from the pool of AFROBERLIN HIGH ORCHESTRA.
They play modern rhythms based on traditional music from Benin, Chad and Nigeria-Agbaja, Afrobeat, Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz.
With lots of fun, they develop their unique sound cosmos for dance and trance!

The musicians are:

Martin High de Prime – Piano
Born in Berlin 1964. He plays the piano since he’s 13 years old. Encouraged by the contact with the New York saxophonist Charles Gayle, Martin takes leave of the piano teacher Walter Norris and begins to develop his own musical concept in 1985. 1988 first study stay in Mexico with lively concert and composition activity. Through the many celebrations there, the Merenge nights full of life, expressed by the music, his jazz background has developed. Through the change of the musician personalities in the last 6 years many styles were unified and a special kind crystallized out. Plant friends give the herbal shaman the power to lead this wonderful orchestra.1989 Participation in jazz festivals in Germany and Holland. 1990/91 own Jazztrio in Barcelona. Concerts in Spain. 1995 stay in Mexico until 2002 to the new rural base in the Uckermark, where many compositions are created and Martin is the organizer of the “Jazzfest Uckermark”.
2009 Founder of the “Afroberlin High Orchestra”.
2016 Founder “1.Festivals für Musik und Lebensfreude ” in the Uckermark of Germany.
2017 Founder of “Afroberlin High Stars”

Enrico Perez – perc., timbale
Born 1956 in Havana, Cuba. The spirited and versatile percussionist comes from the “Jesus Maria” district, where great Cuban percussionists such as Chicho El Bongocero alias Saoco, Enrique Barbosa or Tata Guines began their career. Since his childhood he has been familiar with Afro-Cuban music, the musical traditions of his country shaped him. In Cuba, he played with the pianist Frank Emilio Flin and the “Beny Moré Orchestra”. Since 1979 he lives and works in Germany. Since 2000 he has been based in Berlin, where he collaborates with artists from the Latin jazz, salsa and afro scene: Justo Perez, Adonis and Soneros de Hoy, Ricardo Moreno and Eduardo Villegas. In 2000, he founded his band “Enrico & Groove”.

Baron Arnold – Trombone
from Oakland, California, Baron Arnold quickly established himself in the Berlin jazz scene. Having grown up with music, Baron began playing trombone at a young age in San Francisco and the surrounding area. Later he studied at the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio. There he was privileged to play and learn with world-famous jazz artists such as Robin Eubanks, Gary Bartz and Billy Hart. In 2015, Baron graduated from the Jazzinstitute Berlin, and is a musical founder in a variety of bands in Germany and Europe.