Salsa – Latin – Jazz
Donat Kubrinski (D) -tp
Julian Gretschel (D) -pos,Arr.
Baron Arnold (USA) -pos.
Florian Heidtmann (D) -ten.sax
Martin High De Prime(D) – piano, Dir.
David Hagen (D) -bass
Dante Parraguez(Chile)-congas
Moussa Coulibaly (Burk.Faso) -djembe
Arsène Cimbar (Guadalupe) -dr
AFROBERLIN HIGH STARS – see extra page!
Polyritmo-Grooves & Afrobeat
Tunde Alibaba (Benin) – drums, voc.
Enrico Perez (Cuba) – perc.
Martin High De Prime (D) – piano
Willy Sahel (Chad) – Bass
Donat Kubrinski (D) – trumpet
Baron Arnold (USA) – trombone

The combination of caribbean roots and free jazz improvisations connect the opposite music styles: improvisation, spontaneity in salsa with rhythm of dance in jazz.
Obsessed with the ghosts of afro-latin rhythms they have the power to turn the room into a tropical dance hall with their instruments. A transcontinental journey full of rhythm and fun! Together with the audience we all massage the floor with our feet, and connect with mother earth while having a wonderful time.
In the multi-cultural jungle of Berlin, ten friends from around the world met and collectively created the live sound of this Album: joy of life, mysticism, Caribbean rhythm, the power of improvisation and original compositions are the spices of this brewed, magic salsa for a transcontinental journey.
The orchestra was formed in 2009 by Martin High De Prime who plays piano directly from his heart and creates music that is the coal for the fire everyone has got inside them.
High De Prime gets the strength to lead this wonderful orchestra from the rapture of the flora of his dear beloved Uckermark in North-Germany. During his long expeditions through its forests he discovered every sound, rhythm and mood you hear in his compositions. His personality, style and nonchalance give the other band members their freedom to improvise and that’s the way they created these fireworks, full of passion, life-pleasure and rhythms from Cuba, Mexico, Columbia, Africa and Berlin.
They play compositions written exclusive for the band. The current program is made from salsa titles from Julian Gretschel, 1st trombonist and arranger, who also arranged  Martin High De Prime’s compositions for the four blowers. It gives a very earthy groove given by the five-parted rhythm group which includes the percussive piano, African bass groove and caribbean afro cuban percussion group of drum master Enrico “El Rey del Ritmo” Perez, the brilliant calmness of African bass wizard Arcadius Didavi and all other musicians produce this quite special atmosphere.
Debut-Album „Descarga Mágica“ 10/2014 by AHOI-tunes


The Musicians are:

Martin High De Prime – piano
Born in Berlin in 1964. Playing piano since he was 13 years old. Inspired by the contact with the New York saxophonist Charles Gayle Martin. Then he left his piano teacher Walter Norris and starts in 1985 to develop his own musical concept. 1988 First study stay in Mexico with lively concert and composition activities. Due to the many celebrations of Merenge-nights full of joie de vivre, which is expressed through music, his jazz background has developed. By changing the musical personalities over the past 6 years, many styles were combined and a special kind emerged. Plants lovers give the herbal shamans the strength to lead this wonderful orchestra.
1989 participation in jazz festivals in Germany and Holland. 1990/91 own jazz trio in Barcelona. Concerts in Spain. Since 1995, Martin recognizes Mexico as his second home and spends part of his life there. Since 2002, new rural base in the Uckermark where many compositions are being created and Martin is acting as an organizer; 13 years as head of the “Jazz Fest Uckermark”.
2009 Foundation of the stylistic “Afro Berlin High Orchestra”.
2016 tour operators of “1.Festivals for music and Joy of life” in the Uckermark.

Donat Kubrinski – trompet
Born in Berlin, he studied Jazz-Trumpet at „Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zürich“ and
at Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler“, Berlin. He’s very activ in the Jazz-Szene.
Took part in many radio and television productions (like ARD, ZDF, MDR and RBB:
„Ein Herz für Kinder“, “Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel“, “Das Sommer Open-Air”,

Julian Gretschel – Trombone, Compositions
Trombonist, composer and arranger, lives in Berlin. In the conpirative Berlin Swing Scene known also as “Hans Quarz”. Trombonist at “Louise Gold & die Herren Quarz“, he takes inspirations from old music (Ensemble Alta Musica“), through jazz (Berlin Big Band, AerophoniXs) and soul (The ORWOrms) till Chanson („Dernier Metro“), Cabaret Theatre („Die Zweibeiner“) and modern music (Duo with Enikö Ginzery). Guest musician in formations and at music festivals in and outside Germany.

Arsène Cimbar – drums
born in Guadaloupe, Carribean, since 1996 in Berlin. Drummer since his childhood,
played with many traditional bands and later with different reggae groups. In Berlin as drummer and percussionist of afro and reggae scene, for example: „African Chase Experience“, Griot Music Company, Carribean Marching Band.