Doudey E. Fakambi combines numerous Voodoo Traditions with visions that appear to him in his dreams. He conveys these visions in his paintings, which can be abstract or realistic. He uses acrylic and oil-based paint. This artist was only 12 years old when he exhibited his works for the first time.
To stay close to his original inspiration, he refused to attend an art school and remained an autodidact.

Doudey E. Fakambi also does body painting and organises‚Voodoo performances’. The rituals of these performances can bring the body painting models into trance. The transcience of this technique reflects his vision of life. The only witness of a beautiful event is our memory.

DOUDEY E. FAKAMBI was born in Loe, Togo in 1969. Now he lives in Berlin. He is a member of the traditional Voodoo percussion ensemble: Petao Afrika.

“I summon up inspiration in my Nago, Guin, Gan and Fon traditions – a world full of vibrations which I am to introduce to others.
There are certain things you cannot express with words.
There are certain things you cannot write down. Things that cannot even be expressed with signs.
There are things that only have one master
– the spirit and the intellectual capacity’.