Acid Oriental from Syria  with
Voc., Gitarre, Perc.
WAEL ALKAK – Voc., Perc., Bozouk, Electronic

Trio traditionell  with:
Jean Samara – Syrien: Voc, Guit
Mahmoud Fayoumi – Palestina:  perc.
Shingo Masuda – Japan: Qanun (Zitter)

The musicians worked together in 2002 in Damascus and met happily again in Berlin 2016. Now they start the Duo with Freestyle compositions based on traditional music and Syrian folklore songs.

livies in Berlin since 2013,  lived in Damascus before and has had an emotional life as a musical program leader at various cultural venues in Damascus, playing blues, classic & hard rock, rock n roll, pop, reggae, country and Latin American music with various ensembles.
In 1996, he was a singer, guitarist, harmonica player and percussionist in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the United Emirates and Ukraine, and in 2010 he held workshops with Syrian artists in Damascus.
In 2000 he founded his own band Samarina (60ies pop, ballads and French chansons).
In 2002 he traveled with Ormuz, the international Interchange Workshop in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, and was with A.M.I. – Center National de Développement pour les Musiques Actuelles in France, Marseille.
In 2004 he studied Latin percussion at the Manchester School of Samba in England.
2010 Program Manager in Damascus at the French Culture Center and Villa Moda (International Fashion & Design House). At the same time he was a member of the Sambangra Band at the University of Manchester, England and various festivals.
“Music on the road” was his project 2009-2011, from Sada Musical Association, founded by the city of Damascus, with 60ies and 70ies classical and Latin American rock, Pop & Reggae.
In 2011 he worked with Syrian Conservatory Big Band at Dummar Amphitheater, Damascus.

Freestyle compositions
based on traditional music and Syrian folklore songs.
Recordings are conducted in studios across Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, France and the USA. In addition, WAEL has his own mobile recording unit that allows him to work independently with musicians around the world.
2002 – 2010: Percussionist in the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra
2002 – 2003
: Percussionist in the National Orchestra for Arabic Music
2005 – 2010
: Founder, manager and percussionist of the Band “Woujouh’’(“Faces”), Concerts in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, Kuwait und Ukraine)
2007 Bachelor Degree at the Higher Institute of Music, Damascus
2010: Co-Founder and saxophonist of the Syrian funk-band “Strange Family”
Album “Neshama” – Compositions influenced by popular Syrian Folklore Songs „Syrian Uprising“,  Soundtracks for multiple Documentaries (Road2Films, al-Jazeera; Documentary Channel, Doha Film Institute etc.)
2013: Khabar Aajel
2016: Neshama

Documentaries :
Composing, mixing and editing soundtrack of: “Karrasat”,  (110 min two parts) directed by A.Zaraket Paris France – 2013
“Powerless” (55 min), a feature documentary directed by C.Choucair 2011 –
“ZAKERT ALHIETAN” (55 min), a feature documentary directed by A.Zaraket for Aljazeera documentary Channel – 2011
“Yearning” (55 min), a feature documentary directed by L.Alabed and Funded by the Doha Film Institute – 2011 – Arte 2012