Traditional music & songs from Burkina Faso

Souleymane Diabaté – Gesang, Balafon, N’goni
Massa Dembélé – Gesang, Djembé
Adama Dembélé – Gesang, Djembé
Moussa Coulibaly – Balafon, Djembé, N‘goni
Abdoul Aziz Sinka – Djembé, Doundoun

Special Guests:
Alimatou Diakité aka.Rama Ngoni – Voc., Ngoni, Tanz
Jimas Sanwidi – Reggae, Voc.
Brahima Diabaté – Balafon
Baba Konaté – Keyboard, Djembé

The group was formed in 2019 and consists of 5 professional musicians of Burkinabe traditional music. Mandingue rhythms and melodies from the different ethnic groups of Burkina Faso. FASO ORKESTRA offers a varied program with percussion and singing. The musical lineup of the band includes drum instruments: djembé, doundoun, gourd, bendré, balafon and traditional stringed instruments: kora, n’goni. The use of traditional instruments ensures a full sound in the concert hall. With their way of playing, they manage to combine harmoniously rhythmic melodies and colorful improvisations into a sound of new and at the same time ancient – traditional sounds. The musician and cultural mediator Abdoul Aziz Sinka is the founder of the group and wants to spread Burkinabe culture through music with the musicians. It is sung in Dioula, one of the local languages from Burkina Faso, about peace, freedom and togetherness in society.

The musicians:

Abdoul Aziz Sinka is a musician (djembe, doundoun) and bandleader of the group LANAYA, with whom he has many years of performing experience. He has been in Germany since 2002 and makes music to convey the culture of his homeland. The band modernizes and enriches the rich Manding culture with stylistic elements, they create their own music genre. In addition to annual performances in Germany-wide and international festivals, the group won the 2013 1st place at the UNESCO Festival in Uzbekistan. It is particularly important to him not only to present music and art, but to create a feeling and cohesion of the audience.

Souleymane Diabaté comes from a griot family in Bobo-Dioulasso. Already at a young age he played in his family structure as a balafon player and was able to learn from the really great artists. Since 2011 he has been touring internationally in music groups but also as a musician for theater and dance pieces, representing Burkinabe traditional music on public stages. In addition to the various ensembles, his greatest collaborations are with e.g. the Malian star Sidiki Diabaté or Cheik Tidiane Seck.

Massa Dembélé has already released two albums with his solo career and has been an integral part of the group FASO ORKESTRA since 2019. After his musical training in Burkina Faso, he has been in Germany for many years and lives as a musician and music teacher. Through his many years of performance and stage experience, he makes a significant contribution to the cohesion of the group.

Adama Dembélé also known as solo artist Djah Barro, reggae musician and instrumentalist of West African Burkinabe traditional music. Born in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) into a griot family, he learned percussion, singing and ngoni from the age of 6 in a family context, as well as accompanying dance performances, weddings and family celebrations as a musician. In 2003 he traveled to Italy with his group “Bensoba” for the first time, until he arrived in Germany in 2014 he maintained international cooperation and traveled as a musician. As the singer “Djah Barro” he released his first reggae album in 2021.

Moussa Coulibaly is a griot musician. His compositions are strongly influenced by his cultural background in the rock village of Kolonzo, the “Village Coulibaly”, in western Burkina Faso right on the border with Mali, where Moussa was born and grew up. After various tours through Europe, he has been living and working in Berlin since 2012. He has already released several works and plays masterfully in front of the balafon, djembé and n’goni in his groups.

The guest musicians:

Alimatou Diakité aka Rama Ngoni was born in Bobo-Dioulasso. She started making music at the age of 4 with her father Limani Fatiè Traoré. He taught his daughter Rama to play the N’Goni, traditionally played only by hunters and dozos. She is also a wonderful voice artist. In 2011 she released her first album “Mougnou” with 11 tracks. She is currently preparing her second album.

Jimas Sanwidi, reggaeman and activist. The musician and artist began to develop his talents as a musician during his studies and released two successful albums with reggae music and lyrics that also deal critically with life, politics and society.

Brahima Diabaté, as a born member of a griot family, music and the mastery of instruments are part of the cultural heritage. He has been a professional musician for a long time and is active in several groups, e.g. “Tribubu”.

Baba Konaté plays keyboard & djembé with the FASO ORKESTRA and thus refines the existing melodies.