Indie-Rock – Women from Russia, Moscow

Julia Bogel’fer – vocal, bass, text
Maria Alysheva – vocal, rhythm- & solo-guitar
Kate Skokova – drums

The only Russian women’s rock band makes high-quality music with own compositions, which are a rare phenomenon on the Russian stage. Direct and poignant timbre vocals by Julia, the guitar play of “Masha”, which goes under the skin with their accuracy of the arrangements are great. They make music that connects people that love their freedom and fit into no drawer.HELIUM JAM was founded in 2010 by Julia Bogel’fer and “Masha” (Maria Alysheva). Since 2014 the band has been working with studio „Diez“and AHOI-Kultur and are participating in many Russian and European festivals: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Warsaw and Narva.

HELIUM JAM ist the only womens rockband in Russia and was founded in 2010 by Julia Bogel’fer and Masha (Maria Alysheva). Since 2014, the band has been cooperating with the studio “Diez” and AHOI-Kultur.
The group participates in many Russian and European festivals. Performing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Gaypride (CSD) Berlin, Gaypride (CSD) Hamburg, Gaypride (CSD) Goteborg, Gaypride (CSD) Warsaw  and in Narva and shows that music is truly international. If the songs are emotionally honest, they touch the heart of every person, no matter what language is spoken. HELIUM JAM play yearly during the “Forest Camp of Women on SeligerLake”. Women’s Club “Matriarhat”,  “Glastonberry”, “Shokoladnaya Fabrika”, “Alma-mater” and “Doollin House” and many others clubs in Moskau and St. Petersburg.

Songs from the album “Listen” (2014) and “23 hours” (2015) are in rotation on many FM and online radio stations.

«Listen» (2014)
“Jivie” (2015) – Live Album
“23 hours” (2015)
“Moskva.Vesna (
DIY-version) (2016) – Single
“Showcases” (2016) – Single

The musicians are:
Julia Bogel’fer
startet to play piano with 5 years old. Julia is stubborn and tends all the cases brought to its logical end. She carefully studied music 8 years long. Than she studied autodidactic the guitar herself. She taught memorized poems & lyrics and came up with melodies to them. Julia from her birth was modest person and extremely embarrassed about any public appearances. However, there was a crisis in relations with one person, and she decided to express everything … with a guitar on stage. And she did it by taking part in the project “Free Microphone”, where any amateur musician could perform.
Then it turned out that it is very exciting to be a guitarist and vocalist!
Writing poems and songs, performances in lots of music projects.

Maria Alysheva
Guitar has always been with her, since that time she remembers herself. Music records are the second thing that has always been with her. Childhood and youth passed in an atmosphere of music: a tape recorder, disks, flash drives, online music. Maria is ideological inspirer the band’s development. She mastered computer program editing and processing of audio and video. That was she who once offered to go to the electric sound from the acoustic. And for this purpose, she studied a bunch of materials about the technical highlights and quality of the equipment. She  believes that it is important to take the best out of modern music technology, she explore it by herself, instead of relying on consultants in the shops. She says that coming up with music and keep it together is so naturally, occupation for her, like breathing. It seems so, because the music is playing constantly since childhood, and melodies all the time spinning in the brain, in the subconscious.

Kate Skokova
was born in Cheboksary and studied drums at school.
She was playing in many bands in Cheboksary.
Kate all her life contrives to combine music and basketball. She alternates the rehearsals and training every day! In such a regime, she contrives to work full-time. Therefore she is the most disciplined band member. She was never late and always find the hotel, a cafe or a route on time in an unknown city.
She graduated from Moscow State Open University, moved 2011 to Moscow and work with HELIUM since 2013.