About AHOI

  50 Y e a r s  o f  C u l t u r a l  M e d i a t i o n   by Mahide Lein

AHOI manager of artists
Takes part to the Berlin’s openness to the world: we link about 400 artists from all over the world – throughout all kinds of art, cultures, ages and life styles of this planet. Concerts, DJs, theatre, literature and fine arts stimulate all senses and preserve the joy of life.

AHOI production
festivals, concerts, culture-salons and networking with stars & starlets – a bridge between art, culture, social engagement, cross-border subjects in a good balanced atmosphere of audience & stage.

AHOI Event management
provides all kinds of services for Event organisers: know-how in the concept, logistic, catering, staff, public relations, stage- & room design, technical equipment.
We support you by brainstorming your ideas; fulfill your wishes – your dreams become reality!

AHOI tunes
CD by SUN BLUES & Hassan Elmalik “Peacefully” 2024
CD by LANAYA “Bobo-Dioulasso” 2017
CD by JOAQUÍN LA HABANA “My Own Free Way” 2015
CD by AFROBERLIN HIGH ORCHESTRA “Descarga Mágica” 2014

Berlin Music Ambassador 2020 Tel Aviv