Musician, Singer, Composer & Vocal Coach
Violin D’Amore, all String Instruments & Piano

Solo: MEDITATIVE SOUND JOURNEY  on Viola D’ Amore,  with or without voice,
loop and other string instruments. Simple. Calming. Heartful.

FANI & RENU HOSSAIN: Indian Tabla & Percussion (London, British Bengali)
meets european string instruments. Female. Virtuos. Exciting.

TRIO DU MONDE with Djelifily Sako (Mali, Toumani Diabaté) on african Kora
& Hervé Hartock (Martinique) on Sax, Percussion or Drums.

LES CORDES DU MONDE  The Queens of Stringed Instruments from Asia, Europe, Africa
with Imran Khan – Sitar & Voc., India & Djelifily Sako – Kora & Voc., Mali

FANI & DJ WERD  Viola d’amore meets modern beats
produced by DJ WERD (LA/Berlin, THE VOICE GERMANY) Relaxing. Flowing. Activating.

FANI & ZAGA  European Classicpop meets Westafrican Dance
by ZAGA (Senegal, WAXTAAN ENSEMBlE by Germain Agconit).  Joy. Love. Power.

Her passion and dedication for string instruments led to a fluent understanding and virtuosity of varions string instruments such as violin, piano, guitar. Her urge for perfect sound finally ended when meeting her unique VIOLA D’AMORE: This barock instrument was build by Max Sämann in Dresden, Germany, in 1956. The viola head and bout is an ancient original discovered in london after 2nd worldwar. Brought to Max Sämann he recunstructed the viola d’amore based on this war finds. Fani Ndiaye bought the instrument in 2013 in Dresden from  none other than Max Sämanns doughter.

FANI NDIAYE (alias Stefanie Sylla), reconnecting and sharing love in sound and music is one of the greatest wonders and gifts of Mother Earth. She began playing the violin at the age of 6 and discovered the guitar and the piano a few years later, and generally liked stringed instruments.
Born in Berlin in 1994, she began writing her first songs at the age of 11.
1995 she studied classical violin at the Hanns Eisler Academy, got the 2nd place at “Jugend musiziert” and won the 1st place “Folk Förderpreis” at Rudolstadt Festival. 2003 she got the 2nd place of the ARD TV show “Germany’s Talents”. In 2006, she completed her vocal studies with Mike Cinnamon (USA) & Carolin Mc Pherson (Ireland) and also studied the multi-instrumentalist Jazz at the “Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten”, Netherlands.
In 2007 she attended the violin masterclass with Dr. L. Subramaniam in Bangalore, India, has been teaching music since then and founded the Chakra knowledge-based holistic voice training “Voice Real”, which she continues to teach in seminars and individual coaching worldwide. In 2009 she opened the Berlin School of Music and Yoga “Tagtigall“, based on human values ​​and a balanced approach to body, mind and soul, which she still leads today.
Since 2011 she is a trainer for heartfulness meditation (Raja Yoga) and in 2015 joined as a healing artist the homeopathy training with Annalisa Adami (Italy) and Nathanael Schwartz (USA).
From 1999 she published numerous albums (e.g.: Blütenlese, Maha Nada, Losho-Route du paradis), books and film music u.a. for HEARTFULNESS, DRACHINZEIT (by Sil Eger), BABY BLUES by Mamadou Socrate Diop in 2022. Theatre Tour BLÜTENLESE in 2006 in Balkan states (Goethe Institut): Poems written by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, music composed by Fani Ndiaye. MARANASATI – Contemporary cirque, 2022. MACHINE TO BECOME WHICH WITCH 2023

The mother of 4 children has performed in theaters, festivals and concert halls with up to 80.000 listeners in Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Moldova, Belarus, Romania and Senegal.
Currently her violin arrangements, with which she coined the current album of the renowned singer Thione Seck, are heard throughout Senegal, where she is currently building the 1st violin school nationwide.

TAGTIGALL – music, movement, meditation
  In 2010 Fani Ndiaye founded the tagtigall school for music and yoga which exists until today and continously develops new courses and cours – combinations for the benefit of humanity  through multiple disziplines to serve and inspiré a heartful life –  Balance using various artistic tools such as music, Heartfulness – meditation, Yoga, Workshops, Concerts, Homöopathie, Capoeira, innovative Vocal methods  ect.

VOICE REAL – yogic vocal coaching  In 1999 Fani met vocal coach Mike Cinammon (USA) and Carolin McPherson (IRELAND). Based on their vocal technics Fani developed her own vocal coaching integration the vedic chakraknowledge which sehe studied over her various Ashram visites in India. This mix of western vocal technics combined with the eastern wisdom of frequencies and vibrations  formed this fréquence – specialised vocal technic named VOICE REAL.
Since 2003 she shares her researches and  knowledge in workshops and individual classes at her tagtigall -music.movement.meditation. centre and abroad.

VIOLIN SCHOOL SENEGAL  In 2018 Fani founded the first violin school in Senegal, which later on  was integrated as an additional musiccours at the international School of Popenguine.
The school is still urging for constant care to reach the goal of establishing the first senegalesian violin orchestre.