Spoken Word meets R’n’B-Music, Dance & Activism
Black German Decolonial Diaspora
Literature Art Culture Media Music & Science

Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi – Voc, Performance
Michael Küppers-Adebisi – Voc, Performance
MFA Kera – Voc, Performance
George McLean – Saxofon, Performance
Ayo Sonko – Percussion
Thomyyas, Thomias Radin – Dance-Performance

Reports from the #PenalColonies #OuryJalloh and #HumboldtForum

In the Xross.Over. From Yoruba. Intersectional empowerment meets spoken words. On sounds. Infiltrates and penetrates Humboldt forums. Dancing around painted prison walls that once surrounded Oury Jalloh. Sounds from throats in front of Madagascar combine with saxophones from Black Berlin. Collectives. Cross. Escape from Kafka’s penal colonies.
Berlin, the former capital of the German colonial empire, is also the capital of the decolonial movement and resistance to oblivion in the public culture of remembrance. Art calls on the power of the power of the spiritual community – in present-day Babylon!

Concept: AFROTAK TV cyberNomads