Indie Rock – Women from Tel Aviv
see also: THE PROGNOZ

Julia Bogelfer – vocal, bass, lyrics
Miriam Bogelfer – guitar, vocal, comp

THE PROGNOZ is the new name of HELIUM JAM, is also still online.
The two women met in 2010 at one of the Moscow festivals. They were part of two different bands and repeatedly shared the stage as participants in festivals. One day the idea came to unite the two bands and call it “HELIUM, later HELIUM JAM.
They collaborated with many talented musicians who were part of the band at different times.
During the existence of “Helium Jam”, two studio albums and a single were recorded and released, more than a hundred concerts were played and several clips were released. The band performed at festivals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In 2017, realizing the absolute incompatibility of their views with the surrounding society, Julia and Miri decided to repatriate to Israel and gave the band in 2023 the new name THE PROGNOZ.
Since 2014 AHOI is Manager for Europe and every year they were performing in front of thousands of audiences at festivals and playing club concerts, Repeatedly the band became a special guest at Queer Prides and parties in Berlin, Warschau, Goteburg, Narva and also a regular participant of major European and Moscow Rock Festivals.
Since 2017, HELIUM JAM has been conducting its musical activities from Israel, gaining new listeners and keeping in touch with its fans in Russia and Europe.
In 2018, they were invited to perform in Tel Aviv during Pride Week.
In 2020, the album “Prognoz” was recorded and released in their own studio, which in 2022 was rethought and laid the foundation for the indie rock duo’s project plus “The Prognoz”. In the spring of 2021, they opened their own „Rock Salon“ music space, the idea of which is to unite musicians and listeners, spend time with music in good company and give talented people the opportunity to fulfill their creative potential.
In 2022, the single “Not with you” was released. In November, “The Prognoz” performed at a festival organized by the city’s Absorption Department of Beer Sheva, dedicated to the “Day of Aliya”.
In 2023, the single “HOLOD” was released.
Currently Julia and Miri are continuing their concert activities and recording a new album.

Discography: „Holod“ 2023, „Ne S Toboy“ 2022, „Ne S Toboy“ 2022

The Musicians:

Julia Bogel’fer
When she was 5 years old she had the imprudence to tell her grandfather that she would like to play music and the next day the piano and music teacher were waiting in the room for the unsuspecting child. Julia is persistent. She carefully studied music for 8 years, after that she closed the piano and since that time she hasn’t played it either. However, the musical beginning was made!
In high school, she discovered the guitar, again showing toughness of character and studying guitar without instruction. Since then, Julia has almost never parted with her guitar, learned poems from the school program, played them on the guitar and wrote her own lyrics and melodies. At the same time, she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology named after Mendeleev (now the Russian University of Chemical Technologies) and worked in the large chemical enterprise for many years. The former band name HELIUM JAM comes from this time. She wrote poems and songs, performances in lots of music projects.
In the amateur project “Free-Microphone” it turned out that being a guitarist and singer is very exciting, met the rock guitarist Miri and in 2010 ended up at festivals of art song. She has been playing bass since 2018.
She say that the songs find their way to her, it only remains to write them down and record them.

Miri Bogel’fer
The Guitar has always been with her, since that time she remembers herself.
Miri says: To write music, arrangers and keep it together is so naturally occupation for her, like breathing. It seems so, because the music is playing constantly since her childhood, and melodies all the time spinning in the brain, in the subconscious.
This did not prevent her from graduating from the University of Printing with a degree in QA.
Miri is ideological inspirer the band’s development.
She created and maintains the band’s website and generally provides all the technical support for the band. In general, she is an absolutely technical person and it seems that she can figure out the structure of even an alien spacecraft.