Farewell Celebration

AHOI  Event management
provides all kinds of services for Event Organisers: know-how in the concept, logistic, catering, staff, public relations, stage- & room design, technical equipment.
We support you by brainstorming your ideas; fulfill your wishes – your dreams become reality!

two examples:
Farewell Celebration
We cooperate with a Mortician which will clear all the bureaucratic administration.
AHOI will lay down together with you the program of the funeral in a very personal meeting.

Together with JOAQUIN LA HABANA we offer a very special Memorial Service of the Farewell Chamane Ceremony; the  prepares the deceased person for the long journey into the hereafter.
The Priest (Santero) through Prayers and musical Praises sung in Yoruba and Spanish languages invokes the Ancestors to guide the Soul of the recently deceased person by calling out the four elements.
Especially the Water element, which purifies the way for the journey to the beyond. Mother Earth will be prepared to receive the body.
The Air will be filled with Holy Incenses which is dispersed toward Father Sky.
Finally a fire torch or candle is Light as symbol of the joy of living and the happiness shared with all those who knew the deceased and will keep in memory all the good deeds.
This Farewell ritual celebrates all the positive experiences that connect the life of the deceased and the journey which is begun.
One year after the family members or circle of the friends can order a commemoration re-union service.

After Divorce‘s “Party”
The one who get united in Love should possibly separate in Love!
Motto: “We want to remain friends together with our mutual friends”