The Mystic Voice from Tunisia
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CHIHA, Vocal & Perc
Alaa Zouiten, Marocco – Oud
Mahmoud Fayoumi, Palestina – Nay (Flute) + Riqq (arabic perc.)
Faleh Khaless, Marocco/Tunesia – Oud
Miloud Messabih,
Algeria – keyboards, accordion, perc.
Paolo Eleodori,
Italy – Drums
Muhammad Ra’fat
, Algeria – Drums
Robert Gromotka, Germany – Double Bass

An evening with concerts, panel discussion, party

A LIONESS IN AN ASSFAH*!  (powerful Sahara storm)

CHIHA (meaning Vermouth, a healing plant) was born in the South of Tunisia. During her vocal studies she specialised in Arabic-Andalousian music as well as Berber traditions and the rare art of Nubat, which only very few people know how to sing. 1968-1971 she became the main singer for the Palace in Karthago, and in 1968 the President of Tunisia, Habib Burgeba gave her the name “Wafa Khaldia” (the eternal faith). She has performed countless tours, appeared on TV at the Soccer World Cup in 2006 and TEDDY Queer Film Award at the Berlinale Film Festival 2007, and on radio broadcasts which introduced her to the public both in Tunisia and abroad with traditional classic Arabic ‘Malouf’ (Andalusian classical music of the Maghreb).
Her awesome voice and performance will make an audience of more than 100.000 people dance!

In the 60ies, while still studying at the Tunis Conservatory, CHIHA participated in a classical music concert featuring a German symphony orchestra and was fascinated by this orchestral soundworld which was new to her – this inpired her to mix elements of European and Arabic sound worlds.

In 2000, she released her first album “Oh Mami” with United-ONE-Records, the main track of which became a radio and club hit across the Mediterranean and is found on numerous compilations (including Chick Corea).
CHIHA’s second album ‘Mystic Bridges’ followed as a natural stylistic progression from her first album, it blends Arabian-Andalousian traditional sounds with contemporary Western dance music resulting in an outstanding oriental pop record with Drum’n‘Bass and House influences. ‘Mystic Bridges’ was a result of the collaboration of her work with: Wolfgang Ohmer, who masterminded the project, Wando Freyburg and Matthias Trippner – the drummer of band Shank, and the producer of her first album ‘Oh Mami’.
The voice of Chiha, our very own oriental jewel, and her tragic lyrics deal with love and conflicts of cultures work well with the experimental programme of Orient & Oxident, resulting in a genre of fantastic Arabic Trance.

She dedicates her songs – mostly composed herself – to those who have supported her. Mutual understanding, respect and love of people is all-important to her and are often the subjects of her songs. In her concerts she also sings traditional songs gathered from her North African heritage.


  • 1968 Best Voice of the Magreb-countries
  • 1968-71 Main singer for the Palace in Karthago, Tunesien1968
  • 1968-71 Tunis Conservatory RASHIDIA, University for NUBAT (old classical Malouf)
    Concerts with Tunesian National Orchestra in Nizza, Grenoble, Marseille, Lyon, Libyen, Algeria
    After moving to Germany CHIHA performed in Europe: Berlin (Haus der Kulturen der Welt); Carnival of Cultures; World Cup: Cologne (WDR / Cologne Broadcasting and TV Station), Hamburg (Factory, Carnival of Cultures, Christ Church), Frankfurt am Main, Saarbrücken (Municipal Cultural Festival), Munich (Deutsches Theater), Karlsruhe (JUBEZ, Municipal Youth Meeting Point), Stuttgart, Erfurt (Ancient Mill Festival), Freiburg im Breisgau, Constance (Lake Constance), Darmstadt, Hof, Neustadt (Palatine), Municipal Cultural Festival, Nürnberg (Municipal Cultural Festival), Idar-Oberstein
  • 2006 CHIHA created a new band in Berlin with EuropOriental Pop
    All Nations Boulevard at Cup: Faces – Peaceful Colours of Cultures (WM)
    BERLINALE Filmfestival, Teddy-Award, presented by ARTE-tv
  • 2007 Japan Tournee POP BIZ in Tokyo with: Tehran-Dakar Brothers, Wagane N’Diaye Rose, Sohrab Saadat
    H.H. Dalai Lama Birthday Party, Berlin 
  • 2008 Shark Taranolari Festival, Uzbekistan
  • 2009 Time-Zones Festival, Bari, Italy
  • 2010 JAZZSOMMER + Konzertsommer Berlin
    CREOLE Berlin-Brandenburg – nomination
  • 2011 SXSW Worldmusic-expo in Austin/Texas USA
  • 2012 MICRO! Festival Dortmund
  • 2013 BABELMED expo, AHOI-stll, Marseille, France
    Bali, World Music Forum & Ethno-Jazzfestial, Indonesien
  • 2015 Kenako-Afrikafestival
    VIVE L’AFRIQUE Afrikafestival
    Konzert zum Deutscher Afrika-Preis (German Africa Award) to Houcine Abassi
    Jazzsommer Berlin
    Kenako Festival
    2017 Werkstatt der Kulturen

    2000       “Oh Mami”, United-One incl. Hit: “Oh Mami”, Radio- & Club-Favorit of both sides of                    Mediterranean
    2003       “Hand in Hand” International e.V., African Artists, Bibiafrica
    2004       “Sounds right”, Hacate Entertainment Group
    2005       “CHIHA 2”, United-One
    2006       “New Romance”, United-One
    2008       “Mystic Bridges“, United-One; the cultural bridge of Orient & Oxident!
    2008       “Solange Flüsse fließen”, Prod: Gerhard Noske
    2009       “Ein Herz und eine Rose” mit SUMEYA

    CD Sampler
    2004       „Sounds right“, Hacate Entertainment Group with “Oh Mami”
    2003       “Hand in Hand” International eV, African Artists, Bibiafrica, “Oh Mami”
    2006       “New Romance”, United-One-rec. with “Oh Mami”
    2006       “32 National hymnes to WM 2006”, Crescendo-rec.
    2011       “1884”, Song 8: AFRIKI