The WyntoNikos

Dub-Blues rocks Beatbox, Guitar & Harmonica on Live Loop

Wynton Kelly Stevenson – Voc, Harmonica, Loop, USA
Nico Kleihn – Guitar, Argentina
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Berlin Hottest Funk Duo! Looping Beats Into Your Soul!
The duo was founded in Berlin in 2019. Their sounds are overlapping loops with beatbox, harmonica, guitar and effects pedals.
Mixing hip-hop, trip-hop, dub, blues-rock, jazz, funk and whatever else they can throw into the experimental salad bowl of sounds they call songs, they create an uplifting chill vibe for their audience.
After four years of playing live shows and coming up with songs, they finally recorded and releasedt their 1st studio recorded song “Oh Yeah Baby” in 11-2023. There are more surprises attached to this baby. The B-side is the first of many.

The Musicians:

Wynton Kelly Stevenson
The Afro-American from New Jersey calls himself Das Wynstrument, alluding to his harmonica, he combines the finest blues, beat bass, experimental jazz with the loop station & beat boxes and is a brand ambassador for the famous German manufacturer HOHNER.
Born in 1973, named after the great pianist Wynton Kelly, son of the great jazz musician & composer Rudy Stevenson, and since 1988 numerous performances with his band: Rudy Stevenson Soul Band. He has been training alongside him since childhood and absorbing influences from jazz to hip-hop.
In 2008 in Berlin he created his own musical universe, honing his sound by bringing the ancient instrument into the contemporary music world and being able to pocket and play anywhere with battery powered tools in his pocket.
Totally extroverted, ready to have fun, he throws a party for the crowd. Beatbox, harmonica, loopstation, effects and machines of all kinds, Wynton is a freak. A skilled entertainer – plays like a whole band and is a Juwel of Berlin’s alternative music scene.
He has played with jazz cats like Rudy Stevenson Soul Band, the famous American tap dancer Savion Glover as well as artists from the electro and hip hop scene like Sido, K the I???, Infinite Livez, BadKat, LMNZ, Lady Daisey, Batsauce and Dj Giotto (Brainheft), and many more. Numerous concerts in Berlin. Festival Fusion in Germany, the Hip Hop Kamp in the Czech Republic and at Sido: MTV Unplugged 2010.
Watch the interview with songs and stories from history on Cashmere Radio.

Nico Kleihn
from Buenos Aires, he started playing the guitar at the age of 10 and studied at the “Conservatorio Beethoven” at the age of 16 and went to university at the age of 20.
Music production at “EMBA”, event production at “UADE”, soon started with the bands VTH (Vermouth), Coco Magnolias, Soda Can, Paff, Toro Santo.
Since 2019 he lives in Berlin and plays with The Otherness, Mystery Of Chaos and The WyntoNikos.